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terest-free financing. mattress price wars are on now at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. extra security and
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new tighter rules, police are hoping those measures will keep this year's bay to breakers race in san francisco safe especially in the wake of the boston marathon bombings. the bay to breakers starts at howard ends at the great highway and along the 7.5 miles there will be a lot of changes. don knapp is in the san francisco with a look at how law enforcement is warming up to the big race. >> reporter: certainly security is in the back of the mind of every bay to breakers runners here at the greater body expo today but they are leaving the security to the experts and they are concentrating on a big fun run. most years, nude runners, alcohol and those using the bushes for bathrooms are what gets law enforcement's attention but after the boston marathon bombings, security has shifted to public safety. this week, concrete trash cans on the street were removed and replaced with transparent bins to make it more difficult to
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hide explosives. but runners queuing up didn't seem to be worried. >> can't let this stuff keep you indoors. >> reporter: chief suhr tells phil matier what runners will see. >> more uniformed presence and 80 academy classes out there and then they will see a lot of dogs. they will see people from other jurisdictions, 16 other agencies contributing to our bomb support. >> reporter: there will be cameras and realtime monitoring at the start, finish and hay street hill where runners bunch up. >> the level of preparation has been elevated for bay to breakers this weekend. the fbi, of course, will participate in any way that we can. we'll bring additional resources whether it's special agent bomb technicians or dogs. >> reporter: 30,000 runners, up to 100,000 people in all a good indication that the boston attack hasn't scared any away. >> i'm pretty sure that people are paying attention to it. >> the smartest time to run. >> reporter: what's that? >> after something like that's
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happened like in boston, i think it's a better time because security will be height ebbed. >> i'm feeling comfortable. we have had a little bit of time go by since that incident. people are comfortable. >> reporter: this man from ireland is serious about security. >> this country is under attack and you have to do your best. each person has to do his little bit to add to the total goal, which is ultimate security. >> reporter: with all the hoopla and upbeat feeling about the race tomorrow, it's hard to think that a boston style attack could happen here. but that's what they're making sure won't happen so they are not taking any chances. >> thank you, don. if you want to learn more about tomorrow's race, just go to our website. we have a special section at a crash in the east bay today at the amgen tour of california. but it was not among the
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cyclists. a chp officer on a motorcycle was providing traffic control on marsh creek role when a car turned in front of him causing him to slam into it. the officer was seriously hurt. he was airlifted to a hospital in walnut creek. beach-goers are told to address a stretch of marin county coastline due to a sewage spill. officials say 3300 gallons of nontreated wastewater drained into san francisco bay on wednesday after a telephone contractor accidentally broke a pipe. it. tests on water samples taken after the spill should be finished early next week. they had a great season and fans will honor the golden state warriors in san francisco on tuesday. some say it seems odd. >> well, it's not up to me. you know, golden state warriors has been the bay area's team for over 50 years. and we wanted it to be the next five years. i have a special liking to steph curry and leaders -- young leaders and players of
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that team. i went to almost every play-off game. even though it was in oakland, we celebrated it, as well. >> on tuesday, mayor ed lee will give stephen curry a key to the city for setting the all- time nba record for three- pointers made in a regular season. the mayor will also declare may 21 golden state warriors day. the lines are long for a long shot win. people around the bay area are buying up powerball tickets for a chance at the record $600 million jackpot. kpix 5's patrick sedillo talked to people hoping they have the right numbers. reporter: at cavanaugh liquors in san lorenzo today there was no shortage of customers. >> long vacation. >> buy a house. >> reporter: what would you do if you won? >> go into hiding. >> reporter: that's because the store is well known for being lucky and people from all over the bay area have been gravitating toward it all week. >> we have had four or actually five big winners, lottery winners, over the years. >> reporter: the powerball
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jackpot is now more than $600 million setting a new record that's getting higher every minute. if the cashout is taken, the winner or winners will still walk with $376 million, not bad for a small bet. >> there we go. >> thank you. >> reporter: even though the odds are 175 million to 1, people streamed in chasing their dreams. >> everybody has a wish. everybody has a dream. everybody has a want. >> reporter: and everybody has a different plan if they have the perfect combination of numbers that will change their lives forever. >> i won before. >> reporter: paul has won big before. $11million, and still has most of it. and he is back for more. what are you doing here? >> buying a ticket. >> reporter: have you bought a ticket? >> i bought one early --i think it was thursday. thursday i got one. so i'm in. >> reporter: are you going to win? >> of course. we're at cavanaugh's. [ laughter ] >> doesn't everybody win at cavanaugh's?
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>> reporter: cavanaugh liquors sold five million-dollar winners since 1989 including one $28 million winner this went unclaimed. they expect more than 4,000 people today. patrick sedillo, kpix 5. >> and if you are planning on playing, you better hurry. ticket sales stop at 7:00. according to lottery officials, 80% of all the possible number combinations have already been bought. well, lining up for fillings and cleanings where free dental services are being offered this weekend and why they're needed now more than ever. >> and she was part of a unique kidney operation a year ago. how this bay area woman is doing now and her reunion with the others who played a role in the life-saving procedure. >> roberta gonzales in the kpix 5 weather center. good evening, everyone. today topping off at 77 degrees in dublin. currently tumbling into the low 70s. now the weather change you need to know about as the news continues right here on kpix 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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jose convention center -- se . camping out for hours for
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free dental services. these people were waiting in line at the san jose convention center, some since last night. the california dental association foundation is putting on a free two-day clinic. kpix 5's anne makovec on why the need for their services now greater than ever. >> reporter: how long have you been here? >> since 11:30 last night. >> reporter: by the time he was able to see a dentist, it was almost 1 p.m. >> when we came here last night at 8:00 we weren't sure if we could get in or not but we did. >> reporter: she and her 8-year- old daughter. >> i have a gum that was hurting me. >> reporter: most of the people here have no insurance to pay for fillings, cleanings or extractions. >> i work for an organization very close to here. but they do not have a dental plan in place. >> i go to school full time. i'm a full-time single mother. so yeah, something like this is unbelievable. >> reporter: today, she got a filling and an extraction for free all thanks to almost 2,000 volunteers seeing patient after patient for two days straight. >> it's a great feeling. that's what's covers up for the exhaustion.
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>> reporter: the need for dental care in california got much worse in 2009 when, because of budget issues, the state legislature cut almost all adult denti-cal benefits. >> when they have pain and infection which many people do, often it fills up our emergency rooms, which becomes an expensive proposition. >> reporter: the california dental association now holds two of these clinics per year. this is the first one in the bay area. >> our big concern is that people learn about it and there's no way we can help that many people. >> reporter: some weren't able to commit to the long lines. >> too many many people. >> reporter: but those who did? >> it was like okay because it didn't really hurt that much. >> oh, my god, we're so grateful. >> reporter: in san jose, anne makevoc, kpix 5. >> and the volunteers expect to treatment more than 2,000 patients by the end of the weekend.
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the clinic opens again tomorrow at 5 a.m. that's at san jose convention center. he doesn't have arms or legs but that's not stopping this man from hitting the waters. a big challenge he will take on this weekend. ,, look at them kids. [ sigh ] they have no idea what it was like before u-verse high speed internet. yeah, you couldn't just stream movies to a device like that. s
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thousands of people hit the streets of san francisco toy to celebrate the 9-th annual asian heritage festi
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as held at the ♪[ music ] thousands of people hit the streets of san francisco today to celebrate the ninth annual asian heritage festival. it was held at the heart of the civic center. it included a live band, games and asian heritage arts and crafts. it was a year ago when eight people had a four-way kidney transplant at a san francisco hospital. today, three of the four recipients had a reunion. they had taken part in a unique kidney exchange program at california pacific medical center. a computer program matched the four donors with four recipients and increased their chances for a match. santa rosa resident bonnie morrissey was one of the recipients. >> when we finally met each other a couple of weeks after the surgery, we made a vow to each other that we would meet again on the one-year anniversary to celebrate the miracle of us all being here. >> one of the other recipients said what made his kidney transplant special was the fact he got it from someone he knew
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instead of a stranger. and they all stress, kidney donation is a life-saving gift anyone can give. this is an incredible story. a man born without limbs will be among hundreds of swimmers in the san francisco bay tomorrow for the sharkfest swim from alcatraz. craig was out practicing this morning. he is from pennsylvania. he did a 4 1/2 mile swim across the chesapeake bay last year. he says he competes because he loves it. >> i started doing the competitive swimming five years ago just because i got a good rush out of it and enjoyed it and it was fun for me. it's kind of surprising how people responded to it and how they were inspired by it. so it's just kind of a neat side effect of me getting out there and challenging myself. >> after tomorrow, craig turns his focus to the chesapeake bay swim again which will be held in a few weeks. >> i'm in awe. >> i swam that before and it was one of the most difficult swims of my life.
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you have five different currents and i swim a mile and a half from alcatraz to our shore. and craig, he is just an amazing man. he is associated with the challenge athletes foundation and you hear remarkable stories out of that foundation. we'll be cheering craig on tomorrow. good evening. let's head out now. it's our live kpix weather camera looking toward the bay waters. tomorrow for that swim, thank goodness some calm seas early in the morning because right now, you can see a few water whitecaps due to the winds a st. paul draft advisory in place at sfo right now. we have wind gusts up to 35 miles per hour. air temperatures gradually coming down into the 60s. it's still 79 degrees in santa rosa after realizing a high there today of 84 degrees. this is the scene right now looking out towards san jose where it's sunny, a bit breezy with those northwesterlies at 14 miles per hour. clear skies inland tonight. it's going to pan out to be a warmer day for everyone for
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sunday. our numbers are going to continue to go up and down today a little warmer than what it was yesterday. low 60s at the beaches. 60s 70s and common across the bay. we hit 73 in san jose, which is a couple of degrees off the mark for this time of the year am we still see the stratus building tonight along the coast right there the san mateo coastline. it dissipates tomorrow morning. sun-up at 8:16. satellite and radar, precipitation well to the north of us following a vigorous jet stream. we are under the influence of high pressure which will turn our winds more northwesterly tomorrow. late day ten 1020 miles per hour. but it will usher up the temperatures. tonight 40s and 50s. 52 in oakland. 60s at the beaches, 70s at the peninsula, mid- to high 80s for morgan hill to gilroy.
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80 milpitas, cooler in union city. 87 brentwood, pleasanton, danville, blackhawk. then spinning around towards american canyon into the low 80s. 85 santa rosa. low 70s in san francisco. the extended forecast there you have it 90 degrees outside number by monday. then we begin to bring it back down by the tail end of the week. if you are heading out to bay to breakers it will be in the low 50s at start time, at the finish low 60s. >> thank you. all right. vern has some fights and we're not talking about hockey this time. >> we have a story of a couple of local guys trying to make -- a couple of tough guys. why do you want to get hit for a living? i don't know. anyway, what's it like to use your body as a weapon? the story of a couple of locals living life inside the octagon. and horseracing's pursuit of a triple crown winner continued in baltimore with the preakness. ,, ,, [ birds chirping ]
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[ inhales, exhales ] [ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked. [ rat squeaking ] they're dangerous long after. cigarette butts are toxic. they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife. and millions... are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ]
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baltimore... the 138th preakness...theres orb, the kentuckt derby thoroughbred racing for the 35th straight year will have no triple crown winner. out to baltimore, the 138th preakness, orb couldn't find the opening. past the halfway point, orb just bunched up with the pack. orb finished fourth and here's the race ending. >> oxbow, itsmyluckyday to the outside, tries to catch it but it's oxbow and gary stevens to win the preakness in an upset over itsmyluckyday. >> 15:1 odds oxbow wins it.
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pretty much had the lead from start to finish. that's wire to wire, folks. jockey gary stevens,' third win of the preakness. itsmyluckyday came in second, before tonight's shark game 1-1 by the way, the steam $100,000 lighter in the wallet. the league did not appreciate comments general manager doug wilson made yesterday in support of suspended forward raffi torres. torres is out for the series against los angeles. tied at 1 in the first. update on the late show. talk about no respect. this network promo actually aired to promote tonight's game erroneously indicating the kings playing the blues. story coming up on the late show from hp pavilion. red wings blackhawks game two. chicago 1-0 but detroit scored four unanswered goals. a pretty goal cap it off. 4-1 red wings. series is now tied at one.
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and how about this at sonoma raceway? vintage beauties on display at the 27th historic motorsports festival going on right now and tomorrow at the track including this classic car. this is a show-stopper. the 2013 bugatti grand support goes from 0 to 60 in 2.5 seconds and as you see some of the action motoring down the track, price tag on a bugatti $2.5 million. the most expensive car out there. es wrestling, boxing and jujit. all right. ultimate fighting combines wrestling, boxing, jujitsu, we're a week away from a showcase of some tough guys different motives... ...lets . with different motives. let's take you to san jose. reporter: american kickboxing academy san jose. up to 17 ultimate fighters with a dream this day. luke former strike force middleweight.
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over there, french mixed martial artist thomas. and female hopeful briana van buren. all trying to make the wall of champions looking down on them. >> it's always in my head. you know? the feel, weight, you know, okay, how it's going to go around my waist. >> reporter: that's gray maynard, a lightweight who is almost there. he spars alongside heavyweight champion kain velazquez who is on the wall. both are on the ufc 160 may 25 card in las vegas. velasquez defends his title against the man who tried to take it away a year ago, antonio bigfoot silva in the octagon. >> it's hard to win a bout but harder to defend it. >> reporter: injuries shelved gray maynard for ten months. he has two huge motivations now to succeed. >> it just changes. so now it's my kids, you know, and my wife.
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>> reporter: you think you're in shape? check this out. these guys are in here three times a day, two hours at a time. that's six hours. but they're not done. they got to hit the track for roadwork. then they hit the gym to lift weights. that's what velazquez has to do to stay on top and what maynard has to do to get there. velazquez wears his inspiration on his chest. it says, brown pride for his mexican heritage. back from when his dad came over the border and settled in salinas years ago. >> i'm proud of his journey and of what our people stand for as far as being hard working people. so i just want to go out and represent. >> first rule of usc? don't be afraid to get hit.
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because it's going to happen. and i talk to both these guys. they say we don't have the face for tv. we have the face for radio. see those cauliflower ears and busted noses? but they love it. not for me, though. >> me neither. thank you. signs prompt drivers to share the road but anger is boiling over. >> it's become a crisis. [ beep beep ] >> the extreme road rage growing against cyclists. what drivers are doing to endanger lives. that's at 11:00. captions by: caption colorado ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> announcer: the following program is sponsored by operation smile. every year, hundreds of thousands of children are born with cleft lip and or cleft palate. >> dr. bill magee: why should any child, anywhere on this planet, have to live a life of misery. >> kathy majette: a lot of people think that children that are born with these deformities are cursed. just imagine a life alone, that nobody wanted to be around you. >> norrie oelkers: and we had children coming in for screening with brown bagover their head. they're never allowed to leave their house unless they have a bag on their heads. >> kathy majette: some children don't live,
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because they have problems with eating, and drinking, and die of malnutrition. >> mel: and they see us as their last resort. >> dr. jill gora: every child deserves a fair chance at life, >> peggy stillman: it may only take an hour to do something that will change their lives forever. >> noreen kessler: and you just see a whole new person, a whole new beginning. it's almost like they're reborn. i can't think of another word but phenomenal. [ music ] >> roma downey: as a mother, i would do anything i could to help my child live a normal life. and i'm sure you would, too. but what if you couldn't do anything? what if you were totally helpless? that's the situation for hundreds and thousands of parents in developing countries whose children are born with cleft lip or cleft palate. in the united states, these deformities are corrected shortly after birth.

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